Friday, September 11, 2009

The Tortoise and the Hare

In honor of our buttery blog, I ate buttery things last weekend. Yeah.

I can explain.

Labor Day was also Mike's birthday and so we went over to daughter Elizabeth's fancy new digs and had a wonderful dinner party. Yep, that's the b-day boy with our gorgeous Elizabeth pictured above. We prepared a healthy menu of baked salmon, tossed green salad, 3 low-cal deli salads and dinner rolls. Now, the salmon marinade did have some butter in it (okay, some brown sugar too) but Mike, being positively militant about the diet (not a carb speck, not a micro-gram of fat, not a granule of sugar, heaven forbid!), was prepared a separate boring, bland piece of grilled salmon. Did I have the marinaded salmon? Yes. Did Mike have a buttered roll? No. Did I? Yes. Did Mike have a beer? Did I? No and no.

Wait. That's not all. I'm coming clean here. I asked Mike if he would like a birthday carrot cake, his fav, and suggested that maybe he could just have a harmless teensy sliver on this special occasion. But no. I explained that his other guests might like some dessert. (Whaat! I said other guests!) Too bad, no carrot cake. So I decided to make some of those little individual pocket pies, apple and cherry, for the other guests, you know. I'd bought a cute pocket pie press awhile back and kind of wanted to try it out. Shut UP! They are so hard to make! Half of them fell apart (and semi resembled cow patties) but our guests actually seemed to like them. Did I have one? HELL yes, after spending 3 hours on those expletive, expletive little suckers. Busted! Giddy and guilty all at once, as the photo below illustrates. Oh, did I mention that I make my own pie crust from butter? Yeah.

So I had a free day, alright? Mike and I are the tortoise and the hare. He'll certainly make it to the finish line first due to his (disgusting) self control, but I will get there eventually at my own glacial pace. I need to do this peu 'a peu, like French women do. Little by little. I can't go cold turkey like Mike, but more power to him! I have to approach this in ways that will help me to gradually adopt healthy eating habits I can live with and stick with, otherwise all that deprivation will surely make me fall off the wagon. But go figure ... despite my buttery meal, I lost almost 3 lbs. this week, my most successful week so far! Hmmph! I rest my case.

Have I justified my cheatin' enough for you???

So here's the current score:
The Tortoise - 6 lbs. lost, or 24 sticks of butter
The Hare - 7 lbs. lost, or 28 sticks of butter


Debbie said...

I much prefer hanging out with a fellow tortoise!!

Jocelyn said...

You guys are terrific. For the long term, tortoises seem to win out, for sure. It's about moderating, not denying, and so I applaud your realism.

It's wrong that I'm eating Jelly Bellies as I type this, right?

Anonymous said...

Is that my old kitchen I spy in the background of Mike and Elizabeth??? Certainly no place for a low carb / low fat meal if you ask me?!? And for the record, what's the point of all that total deprivation and the agony that accompanies it for merely 1 tiny, measly extra pound of weightloss?? Hardly a good ROI ( Return On Investment) in my humble opinion !!! I'm rooting for the tortoise method of love life, live well and get there in the end - happy - approach. Ange

Crazy Charm said...

Woo! Three pounds is excellent. Congrats!

Fragrant Liar said...

Woo-hoo! 3 big'uns! I applaud both your efforts. Whatever works for you.

Got any of that pie left?

Happy b-day, Mike!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

You are rocking grrl. I spent the week up north and backtracked. You keep going! Forget Mike is so cute. Just decide to beat his ass. Handily.

Debbie said...

You never have to justify to me! And your daughter is beautiful.

TurtleMommy said...

you guys are great!!

Michelle Wells Grant said...

Yep, Ms. Angela, that's your old kitchen in the background. (Now she writes from Australia, people.) Thanks for rooting for us!

You too, both Debbies, Turtle Mommy and ALL! Just drank my Metamucil! Moving right along!

Justice Junkee said...

Hey this is great Michelle - I drink green smoothies every morning!! mmm swamp.
The blogless,
~Leslie Forbes

W said...

cajun seasoning
10tap salt less works too
8tsp paprika
6tsp garlic pwdr
6tsp pepper
5tsp onion pwdr
5+tsp cayenne to taste
3tsp thyme
3tsp oregano
shake on the salmon, brown in a skillet w/olive oil, bake 30min at 400,30 min, or make a foil envelope and grill .. not boring salmon !!!

Bernie said...

I have a really painless way of losing weight but you cannot do it unless you are old and retired. You stay up very late and sleep until almost noon. At noon you eat a light breakfast--oj, toast with jam and tea with equal. Then you don't eat anything until dinner which can be most anything. And the pounds just fall off. That is,if you can keep away from snacking and exercise a bit.

Jody said...

So, my excuse, I have a million of 'em, is that it's freakin' over 100 degrees around here in late September. What gives?

I'm not eating much, but not exercising at all, so it's all about the plateau, y'all. As we all know, there's not much hope of weight loss if there's no exercise.

I am returning to yoga this week, which involves some walking before each session. And on Wednesday, perhaps a walk on the Strand at Hermosa. Two days in a row for exercise? Sounds dangerous.

Michelle, you look very cute, tortoise or not.