Friday, November 20, 2009

Evolution of a Turkey Sandwich

Let's talk turkey. More specifically, turkey sandwiches which are, in my humble opinion, one the best parts of Thanksgiving. Because, come on ... this IS why we have Thanksgiving, correct? To get to the really yummy part: the post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich. This sandwich is so important that this poor fella gives up his life for it ....
... dons a hairnet and retreats to the freezer ...
... and gets his ass stuffed and roasted ...
... so that ultimately we may gobble up this lovely, delicious roasted turkey sandwich. I daresay the love for the post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich has been passed down to me by my dear late Dad, Art Wells. He couldn't get enough of them, in fact, my Mom would roast turkeys all year round so that Dad could have his turkey sang-wiches, he called them. (I have no idea why.) And in his opinion, Fritos were most certainly required with this sang-wich. He thought this was a great combo. "G-R-A-T-E," he used to say. Ah, Dad was one of a kind. Here's to you, Dad ... one turkey sang-wich with Fritos coming right up next Friday.

G-R-A-T-E news! I'm one pound away from my goal! Yep, I've lost 15 pounds and am screamingly pleased! Mike's on the road at the time of this posting but last I checked, he looked G-R-A-T-E at 10 lbs. lost! (And doesn't need to lose more, imho.)

OK, I'm a turkey. Because lately I've been a remiss blogger and a negligent blog reader. So sorry, followers and fellow bloggers. This time of year I become mired in work, holiday shows and panic. (Note to self: no stress-gobbling allowed.) From now until December 31st I will be posting on an irregular basis. But for now I'm wishing you all the most glorious and abundant of Thanksgivings, turkey sang-wich, Fritos and all.

Happy Feast!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Cute as bug. The car, not me.

This is my friend Julie's adorable car. Isn't it cute as a bug? Oh yeah, and that's me, aka Bugs. We're in the parking lot of Austin Java where we had just lunched. People have been asking me why I haven't posted any update photos of Mike and me as we progress with our weight loss. There are two reasons, plain and simple.

1. There is rarely anyone around to take a picture of me anyway, since I have a husband who travels hither and yon.

2. And besides, even if he is here to take a picture, I generally spend my days in my home workshop make-up-less, in yoga pants and t-shirts covered with dog hair, bits of thread and cotton batting ... and with hair that most often resembles a bird's nest.

A photo op is rare. So since I was meeting up with Julie and other good friend, Kimber, to lunch and brainstorm Julie's idea for a new book proposal ..... we had a little photo shoot in the parking lot. (Gotta plug their terrific blogs here: Julie at Midlife Jobhunter and Kimber at Fragrant Liar.) Anyway, a lovely setting for pictures, doncha think? What with utility boxes and phone lines and the cars roaring by. What's worse was the posing and prancing about the parking lot, trying to channel Project Runway model moves. We had a giggle. Nevertheless, I've made an utter fool of myself in public yet again.
And there was yet another photo op this week!
This is me standing on my veranda overlooking the beautiful Texas Hill Country. And by my veranda I mean someone else's 6 million dollar house where we happened to be on a home tour on Thursday. And another pic of me in my study ... er, rich people's study.

So, see? I have lost some weight! Been a little stuck for about 10 days but I've lost almost 14 lbs. now. Just a couple more to go to reach the initial goal of 16 lbs. and then I'll probably re-assess. I just might decide to shave off a few more while I'm at it. But wait. Thanksgiving's coming. Oh.

Mike has also been stuck at the same weight for awhile but his intense travel schedule as of late has made losing weight so very challenging. He gets a pass though, because he actually lost weight in the early part of this year and so, fuhgeddabout our August 16th diet/blog launch date, he's lost a total of 20 lbs. altogether this year! (Which is why I don't think he even needs to lose another ounce.)

Just want to say that with the holidays nearly upon us, I'm about to get as busy as an elf with my creative work and will probably be posting less frequently. What am I working on? Shameless self-promotion: Still much more to come online once I've finished a little more inventory: holiday cards made from vintage Christmas tablecloths, vintage-y pillows, purses ... and the cutest little pincushions you ever did see! Stay tuned!
See ya before Thanksgiving, for sure!