Friday, September 04, 2009

That was then and this is now. Unfortunately.

Despite the fact that we see ourselves as forever young in our delusional little brains, it just ain't so. Our once resilient bodies and our fast running metabolisms have changed drastically and to us, it seems like overnight. Who's the cute dude to the left? Mr. Melter of 64 sticks of butter, at a pretty good clip, I might add. Yep, that's Mike at UC Berkeley, circa 1978. That was then.

And this is now. We don't look like we used to and we can't eat like we used to. It's hard to accept. Where's the magic bullet that can make this whole shift in metabolism easier?

Ice cream, french fries, cheeseburgers, beer and more ... once devoured without a care in the world or one ounce gained, are now off limits. Well, for the most part. And the bod ... well, gone are the blond locks (the shag) and the mini skirt legs. Long gone. Now I wonder what's up with these road maps on my legs and this dry, dry, dry fire hazard of a haystack on my head? And the baggy knees? I need a knee lift, fercrissake.

Back in the day, most of us sailed through the 70s on zero exercise, (gyms hadn't been invented yet, am I right people?) all-nighters involving kegs of beer, followed by late night runs to Jack in the Box. Fast forward to midlife: now those late night runs are to the bathroom, the beer is replaced by Metamucil and the all-nighters are, up-all-night-waiting-for-kids-to-pull-safely-into-the-driveway, preferably not having spent the evening behaving as we did at their age. Are you with me?

Recently Mike had his annual physical and he talked to his doctor about controlling his cholesterol. Because of side effects Mike can't take statin drugs to lower it, so he asked the question, "then how can you control it?" Doc's answer: You control very simply with a healthy diet and consistent exercise. (Doc actually recommends a Mediterranean diet.) So that's IT? Diet and exercise? Well, we already know that, right? Magic bullet, please. Hmm, you know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking that the magic bullet is Acceptance with a capital A. That we finally, finally Accept the fact that we must, must control our health with good diet and consistent exercise. "But we don't wanna," we all wail. I know, but this is now.

No, we're not the beer swilling college kids we once were. We can't pound drinks, give in to late night munchies, or do any number of things we used to do. Aww man, who wants to go back there anyway? That was then. Let's move forward. Are you with me?

But hell, all this talk makes me wanna get a JITB Super Taco. Just kidding. Sorta.


Jocelyn said...

At no point, even in my youth, did I feel attractive or thin or healthy, so I have this weird thing of not feeling like I've lost that.

However, I do rail at the fact--still--that I can't eat what I want. Even more, I'm still insisting on The Drink, even though I know those hundreds of calories are pure, liquid evil in my body. But I'd rather run longer or go for an "extra" walk some days...just so's I can have my wine.

It's only a problem if I stop eating all together, just so's I can have my wine, right?

Midlife Jobhunter said...

"Are you with me?"

I'd really rather do the college thing.

Cute husband, by the way.

Oh, I'm probably supposed to be serious here. Yeah, what you said.

Debbie said...

Words of wisdom once again. It is diet and exercise, but guess where I'll be for lunch today? Yes, Bess! Believe it or not, I'm still celebrating my 50th and a friend is treating me to lunch & well, those profiteroles are beckoning me!

And I agree with Midlife Jobhunter - cute husband!!

Julie said...

Black Beauties got me to lose weight back in the 80's. Diet and exercise are the reason now! Down 30 lbs...on my way to losing 75. That's a LOT of butter!

Crazy Charm said...

Has your hubby looked into taking a high quality fish oil supplement to help lower his cholesterol? I take it for my skin and hair, but I know a lot of people who use it to manage their cholesterol in a natural way.

Oh and I'm only one year out of college, but I miss it every single day.

Pouty Lips said...

Fragrant Liar sent me over. The doctor recommended the Mediterranean diet? Hmmmm.

I think of wine, olive oil, pasta, and bread. Sounds good to me.

Steve Parker, M.D. said...

Michelle, it sounds like much of the blog is about lost youth.

In that vein, I'll just mention that exercise is one of the only real fountains of youth. Avoiding cigarettes, sleep deprivation, and alcohol abuse also help.

So I'm glad to hear you're trying to exercise.

In your first post here, you mentioned a fondness for chicken fried steak. The best I ever had was in Kerrville, TX, on one of the main streets downtown. Don't remember the name of the place. Old TX styling, embossed metal ceiling. This was about 15 years ago, so may not be there anymore. Next time my wife and I are in Kerrville, we'll find it.

BTW, I'm a big advocate of the Mediterranean diet.


V2V said...

Y'all are doing great! Melting some butter now baby!!!

Fragrant Liar said...

Mediterranean. Hmmm, is that anywhere close to South Beach?

Okay, yes, I'm with you. Dammit, I'm with you, ferchrissakes!

And that is the best picture of Mike. He was a real hottie -- and he's still quite the handsome devil now. ;-) Lucky girl.

Michelle Wells Grant said...

Thanks all of you terrific readers!

Dr. Steve: We're so glad to know about your Mediterranean diet website! Very interesting! (Click on his name, y'all.)

Crazy Charm: Thanks, yes ... we're both eating those gigantic fish oil capsules everyday. Along with a cupboardful of other supplements! Ugh, who knows if any of it ever does any good!

Beth H said...

Wow, Michelle - YOU are an inspiration! You and your husband are doing an amazing & very challenging thing for your health & putting yourselves on the line publicly for it. Not a lot of people would do that. Best of luck to you 2 & keep up the great work! (and thanks for following my blog - I look forward to reading yours as well. : )

gordo said...

Darn and here I was swilling beer and watching Cal get slammed!