Saturday, October 03, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all

First of all, I'd just like to say that I don't happen to have a single new photo that is pertinent to this week's post, so I'm throwing in one that is fall-ish, just to wish a Happy Fall to Y'all. (This is my ever-so-special chair, where I curl up to read or write.)

Next, I just want to thank all of our followers and supporters as Mike and I successfully push on with our buttery efforts. We've had an abundance of great comments, suggestions, tips, and huge helpings of encouragement ... all of which have kept us on track and chugging towards our goal. Thank you, one and all!

I wanted to emphasize something that I mentioned in an earlier post, that being the tremendous respect and admiration we have for those who are faced with the huge challenge of losing far more weight that we have to lose. Our measly goal of 16 lbs. each must seem laughable to some and rightly so, if you're faced with a 75 lb. challenge ... or, how about a 200 lb. challenge, fer heavens sake?? I think the TV show, The Biggest Loser continues to be one of the most moving shows ever. I watch it with hope and emotion ... yeah, I'm a downright blubbering idiot at times, as I see these wonderful, beautiful, extremely obese folks reclaim their lives, capture their dreams and work their asses off doing it! So, so, SO hard, people! Just so you know, I bow down to you, oh mighty Biggest Losers, and anyone else who is attempting to lose a great amount of weight. On behalf of Losers everywhere, big or not-so-big, thank you for your amazing inspiration.

That being said, I feel like Mike and I also represent an important and huge group of people, particularly on the midlife stage of life. Because, as we all approach the midlife years when everything begins to inflate, fall down, cave in, and change colors, it's so easy to slide on 3 or 4 lbs. a year without blinking. Then one day you turn around and, gasp! you've packed on 20 el- bees! Next come the crossroads where you pause and either say, "what-the-hell-it's-too-late-now-let's-have-another-cheeseburger," OR, you bolt upright in bed with night terrors of realization and go, "Wait! I've still got 40 years left! Pass the celery sticks!"

There are so many of us out there. We can either keep sliding down the slippery slope or we can catch it now. Mike and I have it easy, actually. Because we've chosen to catch it now, before the 16 lbs. becomes 75 lbs. (that's 300 sticks of butter, btw) and on and on like a runaway train. I, for one, was horrifically close to going the other way, towards the Cheeseburger Life. Anyone else? Wanna hit the brakes and stop the train? Come on.

P.S. Nevertheless, I miss cookies.


Crazy Charm said...

Very well said. I also loved your P.S. :)

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Sixteen pounds? I hate you!

Swimming three to four miles a week for past month. No wine Monday-Thursday. Watching portions. So far have gained 4 pounds.

Lose on, grrl and Mike. Somebody needs to lose it. If not me, then you will do, one of my favorite women.

Michelle Wells Grant said...

Oh dear, Midlife Jobhunter, I see where I've misrepresented our not-at-all-slimmed-down-selves-yet in our post and I have now corrected it. I'd previously said, "our measly 16 lbs." as if those 16 lbs. may have already been shed. But no, alas, no ... they're not gone YET! I've lost about 10 and & Mike has lost 9. So I changed it to, "our measly goal of 16 lbs." Ah, how I wish it were true. Well, not toooooo far to go now!

Fragrant Liar said...

Yeah, speaking of your P.S., Mr. Fine made me a big batch of delish chunky peanut butter cookies for my birthday. That BASTARD! I did eat like four or five of them and then forced them on the children (like they didn't snatch them out of my gripping claws).

You guys are a real inspiration. I don't have weight to lose, but -- and this is part of our demographic -- I really have a lot of toning to do these days. What the hell happened to my youthful firmness? I know, peanut butter cookies. . . In any case, the fact that you are finding such success with this diet and the exercise (despite doggy interruptions) is a consistent reminder to keep at it, keep shooting for my goal, and, er, channeling Holly.

Love you guys.

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Michelle Wells Grant said...

Treatment Shop:
Thanks for stopping by. The more the merrier!